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The Lemon Tree Hotel by Rosanna Ley


In the beautiful village of Vernazza, the Mazzone family have transformed an old convent overlooking the glamorous Italian Riviera into the elegant Lemon Tree Hotel. For Chiara, her daughter Elene and her granddaughter Isabella, the running of their hotel is the driving force in their lives.

One day, two unexpected guests check in. The first, Dante, is a face from Chiara's past, but what exactly happened between them all those years ago, Elene wonders. Meanwhile, Isabella is preoccupied with the second guest, a mysterious young man who seems to know a lot about the history of the old convent and the people who live there. Isabella is determined to find out his true intentions and discover the secret past of the Lemon Tree Hotel.

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The descriptions of the hotel, the village, and the food were detailed and expressive. They really brought the area to life. The crisis towards the end was even more poignant knowing that its basis was in actual events.

The main thrust of the storyline and the characterisations was duty verses love, and how both can turn lives upside down. There were also a couple of mysteries that drove the plot along.

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