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The Matchmaker by Catriona Innes


For Caitlin Carter, love means business.

She's taken matchmaking back to basics. There is no swiping left. No creepy location tracker. Definitely no unsolicited pics of areas of the anatomy no one wants to see.

She's made dating great again: personal, patient... and profitable. Her startup is going from strength to strength, with clients wanting to find the love she has with her own husband Harry, and she even has celebrities wanting to use her services...

Caitlin is living the perfect life.

Except it's all a perfect lie. And Caitlin doesn't know how long she can keep it up.


This story isn't as lighthearted as either the blurb or the cover suggests, and in my opinion it certainly isn't a romcom. There is nothing humorous in this hook, and it's definitely not a romance.

It is, however, an emotionally charged love story, is gripping, has a huge plot twist, and it kept me turning the pages to the very end.

I'd definitely recommend it, but this book is not a chick lit in the accepted UK sense, and if you prefer a uplifting read, this probably isn't the story for you

About the Author

Hello, I'm Features Director at Cosmopolitan where, in the name of investigative journalism, I have joined an undercover police force, worked as a Playboy Bunny croupier and - for one night only - performed a stand-up set with just two hours practice. It was all terrifying! But hopefully will all make it into a book one day (so will be worth it!)

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