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The Never Ending Summer by Emma Kennedy


Three women. Two unforgettable road trips.

Wherever you are in life, it's never too late to find yourself.

Best friends Agnes and Bea decide to embark on one last adventure before their adult lives begin.

For Agnes's mother Florence, a fresh chapter is starting as her youngest flies the nest and her marriage settles into a new routine. But she can't help feeling that something is missing.

As Agnes travels to London and Florence follows her heart to Europe, both will discover a world of possibilities they never could have dreamed of...

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Book cover for The Never Ending Summer by Emma Kennedy


It was huge fun delving into the 1970s - a trip to an era when life was less complicated, to a certain extent. But some things don't change, and it was poignant and painful and lovely to read about the coming of age of Agnes and Bea, and how they try to break free of their familial bonds.

On the other end of the spectrum we see Florence, whose has her own chains - both marital and of her own making.

Female empowerment features heavily in this witty novel, but it also serves as a reflection of how little gain has been made in certain aspects - as the #metoo movement proves.

About the Author

I used to be a lawyer but one grey day, sitting on the tube, I had a moment of epiphany, stepped off, walked up to my Senior Partner's office and told him I was handing in my notice to become a writer. He thought I was joking. I was not.

Thirty years later and I'm still not joking. I've written for newspapers (I used to have a column for the Guardian where I was sent off to try things I'd never tried before), magazines (I was the Fun Editor at Tatler - best job title ever), radio (too many shows to list but I did the Now Show for many years) and television (I write lots of things for CBBC and CBeebies including Dangermouse, Strange Hill High and currently, Waffle the Wonderdog. WOOOF!) I also adapted one of my books, The Tent the Bucket and Me, renamed The Kennedys, for BBC1.

I love a challenge and I was once the Runner Up World Conker Champion (would have won but was let down by a soft nut in the final). I won Celebrity Masterchef in 2012 (hardest thing I've ever done but am now pretty darn tootin' at cooking) I love quizzing and am very proud of my Celebrity Mastermind win and my Pointless trophy. I'm also a Guinness World Record Holder (I helped organise the world's largest kazoo orchestra. It was super. I met Basil Brush.)

Writing books is my favourite thing to do. I've written ten to date. I've written four non fiction books, four comedy crime thrillers for children, a fiction thriller for adults and my latest is my first foray into the women's fiction market. Two of my books, The Tent the Bucket and Me and I Left my Tent in San Francisco were Sunday Time Bestsellers. The thrill was sharp.

I really hope you enjoy whichever of my books you chose to read. I hope there's something there for everyone. If you like funny tales of disastrous family holidays then try Tent the Bucket and Me. If you like funny tales of disastrous road trips with zero money then try I Left my Tent in San Francisco. If you're a fan of the Danish Nordic Noir Jumper Thriller The Killing, then I wrote a handbook about that. If you have children aged 8-12 who love a feisty heroine who never gives up, then why not get them any of the four Wilma Tenderfoot books. (Start with Frozen Hearts, then Putrid Poison, then Fatal Phantom, then Rascal's Revenge) If you like wartime thrillers set in Wales (who wouldn't?) then Shoes for Anthony might wet your whistle. And last, but not least, if you like an emotional story about grief, false memories and how we are shaped by the people who love us, then crack on and get yourself a copy of The Things We Left Unsaid.

You can find me on twitter, if you want to message me. I always love to hear from readers. I'm @emmakennedy over there.

Happy reading!

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