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The Perfect Husband by Buffy Andrews


He was the perfect husband. Until he wasn’t.

When Shelly's marriage ends in divorce, she's left completely devastated and feeling like she's never going to find love again.

Until she meets Eric.

Shelly can't believe her luck. The first person she meets after (reluctantly) joining online dating, and he's handsome, caring, everything she ever wanted and more. From romantic dates to expensive gifts, it's as if she's in a dream.

But just when Shelly thinks she's finally found her happily ever after, she begins to realize that all is not as it seems. As the cracks start to develop, perhaps Eric isn't the perfect man she thought he was. Will her dream become a nightmare


It always starts small, doesn't It? Little things, which aren't important or don't matter on their own, but when viewed all together and with the benefit of that glorious creature called hindsight...

The build-up was gradual and believable. Looking from the outside in, I wanted to shout at her for not seeing it, but it's so easy to "just do/say/not do/not say in order to keep the peace.

Ms Andrews did a fine job with such an awful subject.

About the Author

Buffy Andrews is an author, blogger, journalist and social media maven. By day, she works for USA TODAY Network as its Regional Engagement Manager for the Northeast. By night, she writes middle-grade, young adult and women's fiction. She lives in southcentral Pennsylvania with her husband, Tom, and wheaten cairn terrier Kakita. Author page:

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