• Lilac Mills

Tickled Pink by Christina Jones


When Posy planned her wedding, she assumed that she would be at the altar, not skulking in the last pew wishing premature death on the bride.

Lola planned her happily-ever-after for twenty-eight years. When a sudden death makes her homeless and jobless, she must leave the fancy biscuit trade without so much as a custard cream for the journey. The village of Steeple Fritton appears to be their only salvation. They have to utilise their assets or go under. But when the assets are a showman’s traction engine, an ailing pub and a village full of eccentrics, the new life plan is not immediately obvious to either of them.


Riotous, unruly, mad, wonderful, hilarious - why on earth haven't I read any of Christina Jones' novels before now, if this one is any indication of her writing? I loved every daft page of this story. It's brimful of colourful characters, odd situations, improbable meetings and events (which don't actually seem that improbable at the time) and is gloriously chaotic.

I really, really, really want to go and live in Steeple Fritton!

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