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We have a winner!

Corinne Bateman - it's you! Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who entered. I'll be running another giveaway shortly that I'll be posting on social media - just for one paperback this time - and I'll automatically include all the lovely readers who already follow me, so you need for you to do anything.

Right then, what have you been up to these past few days?

I've been pottering in the garden, harvesting the last of the peas and planting more potatoes in the hope I'll get some lovely new potatoes at Christmas - I seem to have Christmas on the brain at the moment because hubby and I were only talking about pigs in blankets yesterday while sitting in the garden in the sweltering heat!

I've also been foraging for blackberries and managed a modest pick.- do you like the artistically arranged bit of parsley? I thought I'd try making my own jam this year, so if anyone has a tried and tested recipe please throw it my way.

I've also been taking Poppy out early in the morning to avoid the heat, and we've had some lovely, if rather bleary-eyed, walks.

What I've been reading...


I want to be like Mimi when I'm her age! She's a total riot. Living in the past, she still manages to live life fully in the present, and for me she is the star of the show. There is also a sense of poignancy about her as beneath the extravagant exterior, there lies a woman who is very aware of her own mortality.

The romance is gentle and grown-up, and with three eligible bachelors in the offing, there is some speculation over which one Jess will eventually fall in love with.

This is a story of new beginnings, no matter how old you are, where age is irrelevant if you have enough courage, and where love is a very real possibility even in your twilight years.



Series (every book in each series can also be read as a stand-alone)


The Tanglewood Tea Shop

The Tanglewood Flower Shop

The Tanglewood Wedding Shop

Island Romance

Sunrise on the Coast

Holiday in the Hills

Sunset on the Square

Applewell Village

Waste Not Want Not

Make Do and Mend

A Stitch in Time

Standalone Novels

The Cosy Travelling Christmas Shop

A Very Lucky Christmas

Love in the City by the Sea

Sunshine at Cherry Tree Farm

Summer on the Turquoise Coast

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