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What's Love Got to Do With It? by Anna Premoli

It's my turn on the blog tour for What's Love Got to Do With It? by Anna Premoli! Yay!


Kayla David is a high-flying journalist in New York City, spending all her time drinking martinis and writing about fashion trends. She is perfectly happy with her life, and she certainly has no time for falling in love.

That is, until, her boss decides to send her on a secret mission back to her hometown of Arkansas: she is tasked with exposing the truth about the fracking industry and to use her reputation as a lifestyle columnist as a disguise. She is horrified at the thought of returning to this boring country town, but up for the challenge. Yet, she didn’t plan on having to deal with Grayson Moir, the sexy but aloof mayor of Heber Spring.

As Kayla settles into life there she soon realises that it might be a bit more difficult than she thought to keep her real mission a secret. And what’s more, she finds it increasingly difficult to keep her heart under control too…


Hold on to your hats, because if you enjoy a little sex and a lot of innuendo and flirting, then this is the book for you!

Kayla is a forthright lady who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to ask for it and Greyson is a man who isn't into casual sex, no matter how tempting. It makes for interesting reading as Kayla tries her best to seduce a man, only for that man to continually refuse to succumb to her. There is a huge amount of sexual tension running through the story and some fairly explicit scenes, but these don't occur in isolation as there is a strong enough plot for them to hang on.

Seeing both of the main characters grow and develop throughout the course of the story was definitely a plus and one of the best bits.

About the Author

Anna was born in Croatia but moved to Milan as a young child and has lived there since. She has worked in the Asset Management industry for JPMorgan and is now employed in Private Banking for an Italian bank, where she manages HNW positions. She started writing romantic comedies to fight financial markets stress after the Lehman crack, when she was expecting her son, now six. Writing was supposed to be only a hobby, but her husband self-published her first novel as a birthday present four years ago, and it was a great success in Italy.

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