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When a haircut goes drastically wrong!

We've all been there - gone to the hairdressers, asked for trim, and left with hair much shorter than you anticipated. This is one of the reasons I don't visit a salon more frequently than about once every two years. The other reason is sheer laziness, but that's by the by...

However, Poppy hasn't really had a decent cut. Ever. So I thought it was about time she did. She visited the groomer a few weeks after she was spayed, just to tidy her up underneath where she'd been shaved (poor puppy), but not since. With her adult coat coming through and the fact that she had 9 months worth of growth on her, she was starting to look a bit scruffy. I like the shaggy look, but it was getting a bit extreme.

So, off to groomer we went.

I though I'd made it clear what I wanted, but maybe I didn't, because when I picked her up she looked so out-of-proportion I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I asked for her face not to be clipped because last time she had a poodly cut and I preferred a more natural look, but I didn't expect, or want, the rest of her to be practically shaved. I certainly don't remember asking for a short back and sides. To top it all off, her tail was still incredibly fluffy, making her look rather odd. She is now fluffy either end and shaved in the middle.

I suspect it's my inexperience in dealing with groomers and not knowing exactly what cut to ask for, that was to blame. I wanted Poppy to look the same when I collected her as she did when I dropped her off, just cleaner, nicer smelling and with slightly shorter hair. For someone who uses words for a living, I clearly didn't use the right ones!

Oh, well, at least it'll grow back fairly quickly. And I'll make sure to do my research before I take her again.

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