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Working Hard!

I've been AWOL a little recently because I've been working hard on writing a Christmas 2023 book - in a heatwave! It's not been easy... Still, the weather has calmed down a bit (so much so that I was tempted to take a hotwater bottle to bed with me last night) so I'm feeling more festive vibes over the past couple of days.

Talking about festive things, I've got a warm hug of a Christmas story coming out on 1st September, if you fancy taking a look. It's called The Cosy Travelling Christmas Shop and I can't wait to share it with you.

While bringing joy to others, can these two Christmas helpers also find some for themselves?

Seren’s great aunt Nelly hates being in a care home, especially around Christmas when Seren learns that Nelly and the other residents can’t enjoy the simple pleasure of browsing for gifts in the shops. So what if Seren brings the shops to them?

Converting an ice cream van into a gift shop, Seren travels around Tinstone to help out the less mobile. On her journeys, she keeps bumping into a reluctant – and handsome – Father Christmas, who has been roped into helping out this festive season.

But running her own business comes with risks and surprises that Seren's not sure she's able to tackle. Has she bitten off more than she can chew, or will her travelling Christmas shop provide some much-needed festive cheer for the residents of Tinstone?

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I've also been taking some time out to walk Poppy - I'm blessed to live in the countryside and have so much wildlife on my doorstep. And I've also been enjoying some fresh produce from the veggie patch. What have you been up to recently?

What I've been reading...


This was an absolute gem of contrasts - beginning with where Grace and her children live, and the treatment she receives from her husband, to where she ends up.

This is a rags to riches story with the addition of a lovely sense of community spirit and the renewal of old friendships. As well as a hefty dose of romance, of course.

I was, however, left with a feeling that this story still has some way to go, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Grace will appear in another book further down the line.

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