• Lilac Mills

A moment on the lips...

Dogs like sweetcorn, and sweetcorn kernels are good for dogs in small quantities (although they are high in fat and calories, so they shouldn't be fed too much of it).

Corn on the cob is a different matter entirely.

Poppy is a thief and an opportunist. She'll turn her nose up at the finest roast chicken in her bowl, but if she can steal something gross out of the bin, then she'll happily eat it.

That's what happened with a corn on the cob which was destined for the bin. It fell out of a bag before it got as far as the big green wheelie bin, the dog snaffled it, and by the time I noticed, she'd eaten half of it.

Sweetcorn husks can be fatal to dogs if ingested. They can cause blockages and can tear the intestines, neither of which good.

One emergency dash to the out-of-hours vet, 2 injections and £240 and a whole load of worry later, and Poppy is fine. We had to monitor her for a few days and we were on poop watch (don't ask!) during that time, but thankfully she's now back to her usual naughty self.

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