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Love in the City by the Sea

Tess Barton is stuck in a rut. She’s working three jobs while trying to get her career as an artist off the ground... and now her sister wants her to run a marathon too?! No thank you!

But it’s not just any marathon. It’s the Barcelona marathon and they’d be running in memory of their late sister. She hops a flight but when disaster strikes and Emma can’t make it, Tess finds herself facing a new city and challenge all alone. That is, until an unexpected rendezvous in a little tapas bar with gorgeous Spaniard Roberto.

Facing the unknown Tess laces up her trainers, determined to master the marathon...and maybe find love in the city by the sea at the same time. 

Love in the City by the Sea by Lilac Mills

Available in ebook and paperback from the retailer of your choice

Translated into German
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