• Lilac Mills

Settling in

Less than 48 hours since we brought her home, and Poppy is starting to come out of her shell. That first night, she slept in her basket in the kitchen, with a warm hot-water bottle and the radio on really low.

We anticipated a disturbed night, with lots of howling and crying. What we got was silence.  I lost count of the number of times either Hubby or me trotted off downstairs to check she was still breathing. I'd have preferred her to howl - the silence worried me. Each time we opened the kitchen door, we were faced with a tiny puppy curled up in a ball and staring solemnly at us from over the side of her basket.

Crikey! This was almost as bad as having a newborn baby in the house!

The following morning, we were relieved to see she'd eaten and drank something, and has used the puppy pads we'd put down. At least her digestive system was functioning normally. But she was still very reserved and wasn't particularly keen on interacting with us, despite our soft and muted attempts.

But today, she appears to be coming out of her shell. Yay!! Cautious circuits of the living room and lots of sniffing. She discovered the joys of a cold carrot straight from the fridge, too.  Isn't she just adorable!

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